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Whistler is considered as a great place where you can enjoy the mountain range of British Columbia. Located 125 kilometers from Vancouver, Whistler is more than just your spot for winter sports. It is also a great place where you can invest in real estate. For starters, Whistler attracts around 2 million people annually. It is best known for alpine skiing and its snowboarding. During summer, it also attracts individuals who love mountain biking. Known mainly for these sports, investors are looking to offer tourists with a place to stay in Whistler. A great number of residential homes have been transformed hotel alternatives on AirBNB.

Still booming

During the late 60s, Whistler was considered a quiet area without any basic infrastructure or even sewage facilities. Things have changed since the 60s when four businessmen from Vancouver turned Whistler into a place for a ski resort and had a bid for the 1968 Winter Olympics. Whistler was transformed since then and it has continued to grow competing against Denver for the winter games. Until today, Whistler has continued to evolve attracting a great number of businesses. Whistler was the host mountain resort of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.


One of the features that attract investors to Whistler is its access to transportation. It is accessible from Vancouver via British Columbia Highway 99, otherwise known as the Sea-to- Sky highway. It also has local bus transit service provided by Whistler and Valley express. It is also accessible via Greyhound Canada that runs between Pemberton and Whistler.


Perfect for those planning to have a family

Aside from individuals taking advantage of investing in the booming tourism in Whistler, it is also the perfect spot where you can raise your family. Aside from the peace and quiet environment, there are also two elementary schools in this part of British Columbia. It also has one high school named Whistler Secondary School.

Condos and fractional ownership are quite popular here in Whistler according to Whistler resident, a realtor from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. He claims that over the past 15 years there have been numerous “trends” that ultimately affect real estate here but none more than fractional.

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