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Today we kick off our first in a series of posts centered around Alberta and for the first few we’ll focus on Calgary in particular.

Auburn Bay Houses for Sale

Auburn Bay is considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in around the greater Calgary region. Over the past few years we’ve seen houses here rise in value whereas now the average prices of Auburn Bay houses for sale is between $300k and $450k with the average median home at $377k.

Auburn Bay houses for sale
Photo courtesy of Real Estate Partners

Shopping & Entertainment Options in Auburn Bay

Shopping Centers such as South Trail Crossing in the North, Shawnessy Towne Centre to the West, and High Street in Mckenzie Towne are easily accessible by the residents of the community in Auburn Bay as it is effectively situated at the intersection of Marquis of Lorne Trail and Deerfoot Trail.

Recreation & Lifestyle Opportunities in Auburn Bay

Auburn Bay Lake, a 43-acre freshwater, is the heart of this intricately-designed community in Auburn Bay. A 7,000 sqft lodge on the lakeside called Auburn House includes skating facilities, meeting rooms, and multi-function rooms. Outdoor activity venues such as open play areas, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a private beach will soon open as the community flourishes.

Thin Ice

Thin ice is hazardous since it looks like it is a hard surface but it does not hold a person’s weight. For safety purposes, everyone and/or residents of Auburn Bay with Lake Shore and Lake Access are encouraged to keep off of the lake when the signages of Thin Ice are posted. Staying off of ponds is also encouraged as it accumulates storm water runoff during Chinooks and can form thin ice as well. Additionally, residents are also reminded that dogs are not allowed to the lake. The condition also applies to boats unless ABRA has put up its green flags which means it is deemed safe and are now permitting boats in the lake. These restrictions are applicable to all points of access to the lakes.

Hockey Tournament

The 12th annual Auburn House 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament was held on January 19, 2020. Team “Spoilers” became the victor in the fierce battle with team “Jofas”.

Nerf War Games

Do you like playing Nerf? Then this event is for you! An upcoming event on March 7, 2020 called Nerf War Games will be held. It will be open from 11AM to 1PM. This event is a first come first serve basis since there is a limited capacity and there is no need for an RSVP as long as the residents present their membership cards. The Nerf War Games are open for children 7 years and older. Participants should bring their own marked Nerf blaster as well as their own clean indoor shoes. Safety glasses, small darts, rivals balls, and mega darts are provided. Parents are required to stay with their children inside the venue.


For more updates, you can also check their Facebook Page where they post news updates, programs, events around the neighborhood and even listings in Auburn Bay if interested in possibly living here. 

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